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Conditions and restrictions of use and construction

The seller will provide a consistent quality, style and method of construction, in order to promote a positive experience in regards to the occupancy of the dwelling and the future construction done by the prospective buyers. The seller will also require that certain rules and restrictions be in place so that the prospective buyers of a Quartier Loretta lot enjoy their new dwellings to the fullest.


  1. Only the construction of a family dwelling is allowed on a purchased lot. Any garage or carport must be included in the actual house, or if detached, must be connected by a porch.
  2. The house in question may be a bungalow (one-storey), split level (1 ½ floors) or a two storey floor construction. However, the ground floor of a bungalow must measure a minimum of two thousand three hundred square feet (2,300sq.ft). The ground level of a split level house must measure a minimum of two thousand square feet (2,000sq.ft) and the ground floor of a two-storey house must measure a minimum of one thousand seven hundred square feet (1700sq.ft.). These are liveable space measurements, and they do not include the garage, carport, outdoor porches or basements. All measurements should be calculated from the interior walls.
  3. No building shall be erected on the purchased land before the buyer has received written approval from the seller about the chosen location of the building. Exterior finishes will either be of brick or stone, shingles or clapboards but not of aluminum or vinyl siding. Insulating brick cannot be used on any of the structures. The plans and specifications must be approved in writing by the seller before the start of construction.
  4. The front of the house, including the porch and steps, shall be at a distance no less than thirty feet from the street line except in the case of having a ravine lot with not enough of a flat surface between the street line and the beginning of the ravine. The measurements are subject to local regulations.
  5. The buyer shall not erect any fence along the lateral property lines or along the front of the property. However, the buyer may erect a fence along an imaginary line that coincides with the rearmost part of the finished house.
  6. The buyer must cover the entry and the driveway with a hard surface, not crushed stones.
  7. No excavation shall be made on the lot unless it is for the immediate construction of a building.
  8. No building shall be erected on the lot except for a house for residential purposes, as previously described. No shed can be built on the lot unless it is an integral part of the residence.
  9. Other than a completed house, no other dwelling can occupy the lot.
  10. No farm or exotic animal, with the exception of family pets, will be allowed to be kept on the property.
  11. Businesses are not permitted on the property as well as any truck, tractor or other marketing vehicles be allowed, except for those used for personal transportation from the buyer. Such vehicles are not allowed to be on display. However, a person who works from home; such as a doctor, lawyer, engineer, accountant or having a home office, may use a professional plate as advertisement. Also, a “Home for Sale” sign may not exceed a six square feet surface (6sq.ft.).
  12. No construction can remain unfinished for a period of more than eight (8) months. Completed construction must be built according to the approved plans and specifications.
  13. No trees whose base exceeds five (5) inches in diameter can be leveled. Any natural water source or ravine cannot be polluted, clogged, or modified without the consent of the seller, unless if stipulated by the law or for safety reasons.
  14. No building may be built on a lower level than that required by the National Housing Act and the National Building Code. The land and buildings must comply with the regulations of the Municipality of Chelsea. In the absence of conflict, these terms will prevail.
  15. Trash, garbage, scrap metal, or car parts cannot be kept on the property.
  16. A sewer or conduit must be constructed and maintained so that no pollution or odor emerges.
  17. The property cannot be subdivided.
  18. These conditions and stipulations are considered essential and are part of the Offer to Purchase to be signed. The buyers will be required to comply.
  19. These terms and conditions do not bound the seller in the event of the sale of a Loretta Loop property.
  20. The seller undertakes to build the house path at his own expense.
  21. The seller expressly gives the buyer or its assignees, the right to sign on its behalf and as an agent, an agreement with Hydro-Québec and/or Bell Canada, to establish the power or install telephone lines on the property. These lines will be installed at the required location by Hydro Québec and Bell Canada.
  22. The buyer must install a radio or television antenna on the roof of the residence to be built. The buyer can only install a satellite dish on the back of the residence.
  23. Within six months of the completion of the residence, the buyer must install a lamp post at the entrance of the driveway. This lamp post must meet the required standards and the cables connecting it to the residence must be hidden from sight.
  24. The buyer acknowledges the report prepared by the AATech Scientific Inc. Engineering firm and is satisfied with the results. The buyer is also required to adhere to the specifications mentioned in the report.
  25. The buyer agrees to provide the Municipality of Chelsea, at the time of applying for a building permit, the engineers report showing the location and specifications for the installation of the septic tank as well as the construction of a water well and water purification system. The buyer agrees to respect the soil stability for construction purposes, as established by the engineering firm previously mentioned for the lots indicated in their reports.
  26. The seller shall have the right to install drainage ditches along the dividing lines of certain lots, at no cost to the buyer. These trenches must be completed by the beginning of the road construction.
  27. The male and the singular include the feminine or plural for purposes of interpretation depending on the context.
  28. The parties’ heirs and assignee are bound by the terms hereof.
  29. The buyer hereby agrees to annex any subsequent holder of the property described above in respect of each and every one of the above clauses and provide the seller with a copy of any deed of alienation within thirty (30) days of signing.
  30. In order to guarantee compliance with the special conditions listed above, the buyer hereby agrees to, during the conclusion of sale with the seller, to be in servitude in regards to his neighbours’ or sellers’ dominant estate.

    This appendix is an integral part of this Offer to Purchase.

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